News Stories

News stories are a powerful tool to capturing your audience’s attention and directing them towards specific calls to action.

News stories are a Content Hub content type that can be syndicated across Content Hub connected sites. This means that an article you create could be shared on a variety of other websites, such as the core page, other colleges, or specific topic-based news feeds. Because news stories are such a great way to spread the word about what any Mason office, department, or program is doing, we want to make sure that word of those activities can be shared widely. However, because of this, we want to make sure we are bringing the best quality we can to any news stories, so that the content really shines.

View of the Center for the Performing Arts building and nearby buildings from across Mason Pond, taken when the sun is low in the sky on a fall day.

Everything, from the text of your article to the images you pair with it, contributes to how your article appears to others. Taking the time to make sure your article looks good can bring great returns in the long run.

Planning Your Article

When gathering content for your News Story, we advise you have:

  • a headline that captures the reader’s attention
  • a square thumbnail image that will be good for social media
  • a one-to-two sentence summary of your article for social media
  • an edited, proofread, and unformatted article

You may also want to consider the following:

  • a strong intro text statement to highlight a key point and make the reader want to stick around
  • section headings to divide your article into readable sections
  • one or two related images to embed in the article
  • a key quote or fact to highlight

Making Your News Story

News stories can be created within Content Hub. Unlike when creating a landing page or basic page, you will not be using the “Customize Page” tab for most of your content. Instead, you will be using the “Edit Settings” tab. There, you will use the given fields to complete all core elements of your article. By utilizing a standardized form like this, it better protects the article’s content from potential data loss. This form is also set up to optimize your news story for social media and SEO ranking. Taking the time to meet all the standards for making a news story will help not only you, but the SiteMasonry community at large.

A Note on Events

News stories are not the best place to showcase events that are coming up or that have happened. Ideally, we want to you to put those first and foremost into 25Live. 25Live holds Mason’s master calendar. While it is often used to request event spaces on campus, it is also used for advertising events that are generally planned, including virtually. Visit the events scheduling page to find out more about getting access to this system.

Once you have a 25Live account, OUB’s team can help you get a calendar events feed onto your website. That is the #1 way to advertise your event as it goes into the university calendar.

If you want to write a news item regarding your event, we recommend you make that a secondary feature of the article. Focus your article on the reason the event is being held. This means that, even after the event has passed, the article holds value to readers.

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