How to...Use the Blockquote Style to Format a Fact Box


Blockquote styling is the unsung, and versatile, hero of a reader-friendly page or news item.

If you aren’t using the blockquote styling feature to add a visual POP to news items and pages, you should be!  Use the blockquote styler with the attribution line to highlight a compelling quote.  Or, create a fact box, like the one below, by formatting a bulleted list within a blockquote. 

Tips to Improve Readability:
  • List the sizzle and key facts
  • Use concise language, short sentences
  • Break up articles with intro text, headers, fact boxes, and smaller images
  • Place large images and videos at the end


Watch the video below shows how to create a fact box in less than 26 seconds using the blockquote style. The same instructions apply to a text block placed on a landing or basic page.