Page Basics

SiteMasonry's simple, highly flexible 'page and block' build system provides literally thousands of layout choices. 

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Step One: Create

Choose a Page Type

Basic Pages

  • Two-column layout
  • Sub-navigation in left column, main content in right column
  • Suitable for the widest variety of content. Most sites will be composed primarily of Basic Pages.

Landing Pages

  • No default layout, you must select and add sections.
  • No additional sub-navigation provided by default (be aware of user experience and build appropriate paths for them to follow).
  • Suitable for your homepage, special event pages, and marketing initiatives.
  • Landing Pages offer a great deal of flexibility, but should be planned in advance!
Mosaic tile
Step Two: Customize

Add or Swap out a Page Header Image

Using a seasonal, or timely campus photo in a page header is a nice touch.  Remember to swap out those fall photos before the snow flies, and the snow photos before cherry blossoms arrive!  Here's how to manage those header photos.

Create Sections and Choose Blocks

Build a layout with sections, arrange custom content blocks: