How to… Understand Versioning and Publication States - Draft, Published, and Archive


What is Versioning?

SiteMasonry's versioning workflow allows content to be modified in an unpublished Draft state without changing the publically viewable Published version of the page or content item (news item, profile, or program).

When an Editor makes content changes, SiteMasonry creates a previewable Draft version of the page or content item alongside a copy of the currently published page or content item. Each version can be viewed or retrieved on the page or item’s Revisions tab. 

SiteMasonry's Publication States

SiteMasonry utilizes three publication states - Draft, Published, and Archive. The Publication State selector is located near the bottom of the page or item's 'Edit Settings' screen.

Screenshot of a SiteMasonry content editor screen showing the publication state selector


The Draft state allows an editor to make changes to a page without making content visible to site visitors. This acts slightly differently depending on whether or not an item has ever been published before. However, all drafts require a user to be logged in to view or edit. This means that should you wish to send a preview of edited content to another person, you'll need to either make sure they have an account on the site you are working on or rely on screenshots to show the changes.

New Content

If you are working on a new page or piece of content, setting a page in draft mode will let you see the page if you are logged in. However, you and visitors will not be able to see or visit the page until it is published.

Existing Content

If you are modifying currently published content, you can save changes as a draft. This will add a tab to your page labeled "latest version." The latest version will reflect your changes, while the current version is still public and viewable on the View tab. Once the page is re-published from Draft mode, all changes will become live and the old version will only be viewable via the revision log.


A Published page is the most recent version of a page. It is 'live' and viewable to site visitors. You can make changes and push them as published immediately.


The Archive page state un-publishes the page or content item and hides the page from site viewers. This state only appears as an option when a page or content item is in a Published state. Select the 'Archived' publication state to hide a page or content item from public view, navigations, and the site search.

Please note that archiving a page will not remove its url in the case of direct links. Instead, users would see an Access Denied message. To prevent this, consider creating a redirect to another page, one with related content, and then changing the name/url of the archived page.