Image Embed Sample Page - Two

This is a Sample Image Embed

This is a delicious Mason cupcake image embed using the small size.
This is how to add the caption 

This is sample text.  I will now embed the image.  Halvah soufflé biscuit. Macaroon candy canes carrot cake biscuit topping fruitcake cake chocolate bar. Topping jelly-o chocolate tootsie roll sweet. Muffin croissant biscuit cake oat cake. Brownie chocolate bar tart macaroon sesame snaps tiramisu croissant. Cake cake sugar plum chocolate cake gummies powder marzipan. Toffee soufflé brownie fruitcake marzipan tootsie roll jelly beans. Candy soufflé cotton candy. Chocolate bar lollipop sesame snaps chocolate cake wafer cookie sesame snaps cake. Lollipop candy croissant sesame snaps biscuit sweet. Chocolate bar pudding donut. Gingerbread brownie jelly beans gummies. Soufflé toffee pie pie cupcake fruitcake sweet roll soufflé sweet. Cake halvah tart biscuit chocolate cake.