How to...Add Files to Blackboard and Find the Web Permalink


Documents available to your site visitors should be stored in a Blackboard Organization space.  The Blackboard permalink URL is used on a SiteMasonry web page to link the document to text or an image.

This information and clip augment the Blackboard Upload and Permissions Management Guide created by Blackboard's managing department, Mason ITS department.

Here's how to find the public, permalink URL of a document uploaded in an organizational Blackboard space.

Before you begin, make sure you have access to your unit or department's Blackboard Organzational space.  Do not put documents in a personal Blackboard space.  If you need an Organizational Blackboard space, contact ITS Blackboard support.

After navigating to the document in the organizational Blackboard folder tree:

  • Mouse over the document to reveal the down carrot

    • Click the down carrot
    • ​​Select ‘Edit Settings’ option
  • From the ‘Edit Settings’ screen

    • Copy the ‘Permanent URL’ 

Use the permalink URLwhen linking to text or images on a SiteMasonry page.


In Blackboard, you can find the document's permanent URL on the Edit Settings screen