SiteMasonry Collaboration

The SiteMasonry Collaboration

A website is often the first interaction a prospective student or supporter has with Mason.  OUB's team of branding and digital strategy professionals aims to ensure Mason 'digital welcome mat' provide a positive and effective first, second, 30th, or even 100th impression.

A SiteMasonry web collaboration is between OUB and a 'campus colleague' client. OUB brings Mason branding, best-practices web strategy guidance, and the SiteMasonry content management platform to the collaboration.  The campus colleague client supplies content, a qualified Site Owner to populate and maintain the site, and additional content editors.  Campus partners agree to adhere to Mason branding and digital strategy guidelines.

What OUB brings to a SiteMasonry collaboration:

  • Expertise. OUB's Digital Communications team works with each of our campus partners to create a customized web and content strategy guide. Guides are built using digital strategy industry best practices, Mason brand strategy and data analytics, and unit or department-specific data analytics. 
  • SiteMasonry Platform.  The delivery tool created by, for, and about the Mason brand, the SiteMasonry content management system is tuned to simply and effectively deliver Mason's web presence with minimum technical expertise.  If you can format a Word doc, you can build pages in SiteMasonry.
  • Fiscal and Technological Relief.  Provided at no cost, SiteMasonry significantly reduces digital marketing, web hosting, and code maintenance expenses for OUB's campus partners.  

What the campus partner brings to a SiteMasonry collaboration:

  • Create content following the OUB-provided custom web and content strategy guide
  • Build and Populate pages with reviewed content on the SiteMasonry site shell
  • Designate a qualified, hands-on Site Owner
  • Utilize SiteMasonry's self-guided training and support resources
  • Maintain digital assets per Mason's brand, digital and content strategies

and, importantly,

  • understand a content management platform is only as good as the user experience and content it delivers