Site Owner Readiness

As the primary managers of their SiteMasonry site, Site Owners have expanded access to site-wide customizations, as well as increased brand, content, training, and support responsibilities.

Site Ownership is primarily a content configuration role, not a technical developer role.  Web writing skills, patience, and a good sense of humor are important attributes of a successful Site Owner.

Qualified Site Owner candidates will:

  • Have approximately 10 hours a week to maintain and support their site (depending on site size)

  • Have some experience with any type of CMS (TIP: If you don't know what a CMS is, Site Ownership isn't for you)

  • Be willing to actively use SiteMasonry tutorials and documentation to learn the SiteMasonry platform  

  • Be the SiteMasons' primary point of contact 

  • Understand the basics of best-practices web strategy and content creation

  • Learn and maintain Mason's digital strategy and brand standards

  • Be comfortable training and supporting their site editors and contributors

Site Owner Perks and Responsibilities

On top of Content Editor page building skills, Site Owners have additional site management perks and responsibilities, including:

  • Add Content Editors and Contributor accounts to their site

  • Train and support added Content Editors and Contributors

  • Request Content Hub accounts for qualified Content Editors

  • File support tickets, if  someone on your team finds an issue an error message

  • Configure site-wide settings, such as the Site Title, footer information, social media, and custom utility menu URLs.

  • Select or edit theme color settings.

  • Create Redirects

  • Create and edit Web Forms