Site Owner Readiness

Site Ownership is a content creation and configuration role, not a development role. Web writing, marketing and training skills are important attributes of a successful Site Owner.

Qualified Site Owner candidates:

  • Must be a regular staff or faculty member. Students cannot hold a Site Owner role but can be Content Editors

  • Are the site's primary point of contact 

  • Should be available 5 to 10 hours a week, depending on site size, to maintain and support their site

  • Have content editing experience with any CMS - Drupal, WordPress, SiteCore, etc.

  • Understand the basics of best-practices web strategy and content creation

  • Be aware of, and abide by, George Mason University, Information Technology Services, and Office of University Branding computing, data use, security, digital accessibility, brand and content regulations, policies, standards, and guidelines

  • Will utilize SiteMasonry user guides and tutorials

  • Will train and support their site's Content Editors

Site Owner Perks and Responsibilities

Site Owners have additional site management perks and responsibilities, such as: