Utility Menu Configuration


Site Owners are able to customize the destination of some of the yellow utility bar links by designating a redirect from the SiteMasonry admin dashboard.


Customizable utility links are:

  • Apply
  • Give
  • News
  • Calendar


Utility links cannot be customized:

  • MyMason
  • PatriotWeb
  • PeopleFinder
  • Athletics
  • Library
  • Graduation


Before You Start

Have both the current and redirect (new destination) link URLs handy and ready to copy and paste into the SiteMasonry admin screen. In this example, we will be configuring the ‘Apply Now’ navigation element on the CVPA site.

Current link URL: https://cvpa.sitemasonry.gmu.edu/admissions-aid/apply-now

Redirect URL: https://cvpa.sitemasonry.gmu.edu/admissions


Ready to Redirect

Login to your Sitemasonry site as a Site Owner. Only Site Owners have the permission level to edit the utility menu URLs.

From the top admin bar, select:

Configuration > Search and Metadata > URL Redirects > Add Redirect

On the Redirect Screen:

Indicate the current URL in the ‘Path’ textbook. You only need the prefix of the URL - which is anything after your base URL Find the page to redirect users to by typing in the first part of the page title to bring up a select list Leave the Redirect Status selector at ‘301 Moved Permanently’

Click the ‘Save’ button


Check your work

View your site in a fresh, preferably, different browser (eg. If you are using Chrome to make the change, test your work in Firefox) Good job!

If your unit doesn’t have custom destinations for Apply, Give, News and Calendar, please use the general Mason links:

  • Apply: https://www2.gmu.edu/admissions-aid/apply-now
  • Give: https://give.gmu.edu
  • News: https://www2.gmu.edu/news Calendar: https://www2.gmu.edu/today-mason