Special Events Page /Site

If you have an event or need to provide information to members of the campus community, a special page or microsite might be the way to do it.

Special Events Pages and Sites

Many Mason departments and faculty members sponsor, host, or participate in temporary events such as conferences and research projects that call for web pages or small sites.

The university also has occasions in which we need to provide information about unexpected circumstances, such as the Safe Return to Campus site, or new initiatives, such as the Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence Task Force.

These guidelines will help you create a page or website that is engaging, effective, and will help you meet your goals.

Follow a Checklist

To ensure the best results, set up a worksheet that's accessible to all members of your team in a space such as OneDrive or Google Docs. You might assign different steps to different people, and they can note their progress with each step on the checklist (searchable PDF). 

Why do I need a site / page?   
What is the goal of the site / page?   
Who are the audiences?   
Do I need a site, or will a single page be sufficient? If a single page, where will it live? (Attached to your current site, for example.)   
When does the site / page need to launch?   
What will site / page visitors want to know and need to know?  
What content resources will I need?  
Who will create / edit / curate the content?  
Who will populate the site / page? Who will maintain it after launch?   
Once the site / page is up, how will I let people know it exists and how to get to it?  
How long does the site / page need to be live? Should it come down immediately after the event, or are there reasons to keep it up after the event’s conclusion?