Promoting the Site / Page

If you have a site / page no one knows about or visits, it might as well not exist. You need to develop a plan to let your target audience know there's a place to find the information they want.

Create a Communications Plan 

  • How will you let people know the site / page is up? Don't assume that just posting the information on the web means everyone who needs to see it will. You need to let them know it's there and how to find it. 

  • Do you have a social media strategy? This summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve on social media guides your actions and lets you know whether you’re succeeding or failing. It's one of the best ways to tell people about your site. A tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram post with a link and clever call to action can engage people's interest and draw them in. Contact Mason's Social Media team or complete the OCM Social Media Content Request Form.

  • Have you created / arranged for Hootsuite assets? This will enable other Mason Nation communications community contacts to promote your site with your creative assets on their social media channels. If you're unfamiliar with Hootsuite and how it works, contact Mason's Social Media team.

  • Do you have a listserv to send a notification email? Another good way to let people know your site / page exists (and how to find it, by providing a link). 

  • Do you have a video to post on the Mason YouTube / Vimeo channels? People will watch short videos (15 seconds), which gives you time to let them know what you offer and where to find more information. You can also link to the videos from social media platforms.

Communication Plan Basics

A communications plan is a start-to-finish strategy to deliver messages to target audiences that will help you accomplish your goals. For your site / page communication plan, you need to know: 

  • Who you’re trying to reach. 

  • What message(s) you want them to hear. 

  • What you want them to do. 

  • How you’ll reach them.

Outreach methods include:

Website Email
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) Story from Mason StratCom
Podcasts Text messages
Newsletters Mailers / flyers
News media reports Word of mouth