Page Prep

Sites / pages that are tied to events or conferences occurring on specific dates should be publicized as far in advance as possible.

Include a discussion of your web presence at the first planning meeting you hold for the event. Invite a member of Digital Communications to attend, as well as social media managers.

This avoids situations in which you're frantically trying to get information out at the last minute, and increases your chance of having maximum participation.

Select an SEO-Friendly URL

It’s best to have a one- or two-word term to use on the Mason domain ( that is directly on point and easy to remember.  

You also want something that is search-engine optimization (SEO) friendly. 

Search engines systematically browse the web to index what is available. Most people won’t or don’t go past the first page of search results. We need to be at the top. A key word or words in your url will help us get there. Speaking of ...

Develop a List of Key Words 

Key words are search terms that people use to find information. If you know who your audience is and what they want, you can use search terms that they're likely to use within your content. It will boost your position on search engine results pages and pull in users looking for those terms.

However, you can't just sprinkle them in at random. People and search engine algorithms can spot that artificial effort, and will think less of you for trying to trick someone into coming to your page and reading your content.

If you use key words naturally, you'll get good SEO results while providing your users with what they're looking for, as well as what they need to know. 

Set a Meeting with Social Media Leaders

As early as possible in the process, contact Mason's Office of Communications and Marketing Social Media team, as well as the social media staffers within your department to set up an initial content planning meeting. Waiting until the site launches to plan and implement a social media content campaign will hamstring your efforts.

A social media plan: 

  • Creates anticipation by announcing the site / page is coming by making a series of posts on social media before the site launches.  
  • Builds familiarity with the site name.  
  • Recruits other members of the Mason Nation communications community to publicize and promote your site / page. They can also hyperlink to your site /page from their sites and social media channels. 
  • Creates enough lead time to facilitate the creation of engaging graphic and video assets for every social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube) that can be upload into the Mason Hootsuite Enterprise. This gives the communications community / other departments access to tools and assets to promote your site / page across their social media channels and incorporate your promotions into their content calendars.

Looks for Ways to Incorporate and Promote the Mason Brand

The Brand website has guidelines on messaging and visual identity that can help you make your content speak with the voice of Mason and promote our mission and ideas. 

Also remember President Washington’s four areas of focus:

  • Healthy planet. 

  • Healthy people. 

  • Healthy economy. 

  • Healthy society.