Updates and Maintenance

Websites aren't static; they change over time. Even evergreen content has to be updated now and then.​

As a university, we have a population that's constantly changing, and you'll need to reflect that on your site. For example, as students graduate, you'll sub out some photos, especially on your home front. You'll also need to update Meet a Student/Meet an Alum items in shared content.

As new faculty members come in and others leave, you'll add some faculty profiles, delete others, and update existing ones. You might want to appoint a coordinator to gather and input new information from faculty members as they publish/get grants/win awards/gain tenure, etc. Set up a system that works best for you that will keep the content up to date.

As your Fast Facts change (enrollment figures, rankings, etc.), they'll need to be updated.

Admissions/Open House/Events requirements and deadlines will all need to be updated manually. Keep a notation on your calendars to remind you when dates are coming up/past and will need to be changed.

If you find new information that you think your students want and need, create a page to provide it. This material should be something that's unique to you or something that will enhance the Mason experience for students in your college/school/unit.

If you decide to add a new page, contact Digital Communications to discuss what you want to do and why you want to do it. We're your partners, and want to provide you any backup/help/support you might need. And yes, we also want to make sure everyone is following the content strategy.