Guidance on Comments

Many social media platforms provide space for users and visitors to comment. Sometimes, those comments are appropriate, and sometimes, they're not. 

To help clarify things, you can add this to your “About” section of your Facebook page or where appropriate on other platforms:

At the heart of George Mason University’s mission is to support academic freedom and a diversity of thought. That includes robust-yet-civil discussions of ideas and beliefs. We encourage people to express their opinions in this space, but we ask that everyone be respectful of others, including those who disagree. Profane, threatening, discriminatory or demeaning content may be removed at the discretion of the moderator.

You are fully responsible for the content that you share. Postings or comments made by individuals on this page do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of George Mason University or any of the university’s divisions. This page is not to be used for solicitation of sales and/or the promotion of any goods and/or services. We will take steps to block users who violate these posting standards.