Branding Guide

A Brand New Day at Mason​

When a visitor lands on a Mason web page, there should be no doubt that they're on a site that belongs to our university.​

Statue of George Mason with gold and green balloons on Mason Fairfax Campus
Mason's Brand Guide offers a variety of tools to help craft a message that conveys your unit's identity while still remaining a part of Mason Nation.

Following a brand standard strengthens our identity in the minds of the university community and the public. It also helps us maintain consistency in our messaging.

Because all sites don't currently follow our brand standard, users' experience can vary widely from site to site, even from department to department within the same college. People coming to our sites see different versions of the Mason logo, an inconsistent presentation of information, and variations on how site navigation works.

We don't want our audiences to think that we don't have a clear sense of identity and don't know who we are. Updating our sites and following Mason's Brand Profile Guide will ensure that doesn't happen.​

To reinforce our identity in the public's mind, our sites need:

  • Consistent visual elements.
  • A unified voice.
  • Consistent location of key information.
  • A clear message.

A strong brand identity also helps us connect with our audiences:

  • Prospective students (The path to my future runs through Mason).
  • Current students (I'm part of something greater than myself).
  • Parents (I'm a proud Patriot parent).
  • Alumni (I'll always be a Patriot).
  • Community (Mason is a cultural, economic, scholarly asset).
  • Government/Business (Mason conducts cutting-edge research and has a rich talent pool).