Take the Road More Traveled​

Using university guidelines helps you maintain your place in Mason Nation while giving you the space to establish your unit or department's own identity.

When updating or building a site, you won't have to start from scratch; many background decisions have already been made. Your foundation is set; now is the time to put your creativity and imagination to work.

Guidelines only work if we all agree to follow them. It's pointless to set them if a unit writes and presents information in its own way. (That's what we've been doing; it's not working.)

We follow guidelines to:

  • Build and maintain an identity.
  • Present a consistent visual style.
  • Minimize confusion among users.
  • Increase trustworthiness and credibility.
  • Develop a relationship with our audience.
  • Deliver a clear, consistent message.
  • Speak with one voice.

To accomplish these goals, Mason has established Brand and Editorial Style guidelines, which are accessible online.​

We also offer guidance on: