Mason's website, one of the university's most important and widespread methods of communication, will change and grow over time. A system of governance guides those changes, and ensures that decisions are made with care, consideration, and thought.

All Mason sites should meet certain standards for visual appearance, content, and ease of use, providing a unified, engaging experience. Web governance sets up a framework of management guidelines, policies, and expectations to ensure sites on the domain meet those goals.

Digital Communications, in partnership with university leadership, has oversight of the university’s web presence through the Web Governance Committee (WGC), which includes representatives from academic and administrative leadership. The WGC is responsible for determining, maintaining, and updating:







The WGC seeks feedback from stakeholders and makes decisions on proposed site changes. For example, the committee will step in when a client wants to change how something functions. If the proposed change would have an impact across all sites within the Drupal CMS, the WGC will discuss the pros and cons of making such a change.

  • Is it logical?
  • Would it help our users?
  • Would it save us time?
  • How technically complex would it be?
  • What impact would it have on other components?
  • How much would it cost?