Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators

One method we use to improve a site’s usability is to establish key performance indicators (KPIs), which help us determine how well a site meets its goals. Your KPIs will be based on what you see as crucial to your unit and how you want your website to help you accomplish your mission.

When establishing KPIs, look for:

  • Unique program features for prospective students.
  • Retention and customer-service messages for current students.
  • Enticements for business collaborators.
  • Value propositions for prospective donors.

Writing a goal statement will also help you zero in on what's important. When you know what you're trying to accomplish, you can construct your site to reach those objectives.

KPIs, with the help of analytics, tell you if your site is doing what you want it to, by measuring how long someone stays on your site, where they go, how they get there, and what actions they take.

You'll also use your KPIs to guide the construction of your Information Architecture (IA), which is the framework on which you'll build your site. KPIs will guide you to craft a well-structured IA, which, in turn will:

  • Help people know where they are.
  • Help them find what they want.
  • Help them get where they want to go.