Content Discovery Guidelines

Ask yourself: Does your current website tell prospective and current students all they need to know about your department? If not, it's time for an update. Here are some questions to help you develop the kind of information you need to convey, and the most effective way to present it.​

Boosting Enrollment

  • How do students choose your school/department/college?
  • Do they come in as general engineering/science/humanities/etc. students, then select a specialization?
  • Do they find out about your programs after they come here, and select them?
  • Do they come here because of your program?
  • What kinds of questions do prospective students/parents ask?
  • Talk about some of the courses included in your unit.
  • What are your current recruitment efforts?
  • What are the enrollment goals for your unit?


  • What kinds of careers are available with a degree in your field?
  • Where do your graduates find jobs?
  • What kinds of companies hire them? Can you give some examples?
  • What kinds of fields do they work in? Do your degrees offer skill sets that give them a variety of choices?
  • What parts of the country do your grads find jobs?
  • Are they highly recruited? Do recruiters come on campus? Do they know faculty members and call them directly?
  • Do companies call you when they're looking for people to hire?
  • Do your alumni keep in touch? Do they call you when they have job openings where they work?

Proximity to D.C., Dulles Tech Corridor, Bethesda Health / Science Community

  • Do a lot of your grads go into government service?
  • Does being close to D.C. provide grads with intern opportunities? Networking?
  • Do many faculty members have close ties with D.C. agencies, companies, etc.?
  • How big a part does research play in this department? Grad and undergrad?
  • Do you get a lot of grants? Patents?
  • Do government agencies come to you with specific requests for research? Courses? Certificates? Degrees?


  • What's your elevator speech? When someone asks you about your profession, what do you say?
  • How did you come to choose this field? How has it changed?
  • What are your goals for the next five years? What projects/ messaging have you already deployed to meet those goals?
  • What are your department's top three triumphs in the past five years?