Content Hub: Topics

Attaching a topic or topics to an item in Content Hub allows users to easily find related items that might be of interest, allowing them to delve further into the story of Mason.

The topic or topics will appear at the bottom of the first page, and will be hyperlinked. Selecting one will take you to a list of stories, faculty profiles, etc., that have been labeled with the same topic.

Selecting the topics label will take the user to a page listing other stories/profiles, etc., with the same topic label.

You can also use the topics label to create a listing of news stories. 

Within the Content Hub SiteMasonry site, topics can be placed in:

  • Faculty Profiles
  • Publications
  • Grants
  • News Stories

If you see an existing topic label with numbers, the first number indicates the number of stories labeled with the same topic. The second number is the taxonomy identifier assigned by SiteMasonry. If you don't see an existing label, you are the first person to use this particular topic. The system will automatically add it to the topic taxonomy and assign it an identifying number. If you want to add more than one topic, separate them with commas.