Content and Strategy Guide

The first and most frequent place prospective students go to for information is a college's website. Mason has set up content and brand standards to ensure visitors find our sites informative, intuitive, and easy to use. 

Blazing a Trail for Site Users

The use of common visual elements, locations of key information, and a consistent brand standard reinforces the sense of a common identity, and makes it easier for the visitor to navigate our network while knowing they’re still on a Mason site.

All our sites should speak with the same voice — the voice of Mason — while retaining their own unique flair and the properties that make us stand above our competitors. We’ll help maintain a level of uniformity while accommodating each unit’s individuality.

We also want our sites to stand out as modern, friendly, and easy to use. Many, if not most, prospective students come to us through mobile devices, which makes text-dense, highly colored screens both intimidating and off-putting. We’ve made a conscious effort not to data-cram pages while still providing the information people seek.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind When Creating, Selecting Content

Mason students wear green and gold on College Colors Day
Craft your content to intrigue, attract, and encourage action by the audience you want to reach. We want students for whom Mason is a good fit, and who are a good fit for Mason.

When someone is scrolling through our sites, it should be obvious that each is a part of Mason. Our objectives for the university online presence are to:

  • Provide a more consistent user experience.
  • Ensure uniform branding.
  • Enroll a greater number of applicants.

We should be showing what we offer, always with the message, “and you can do it or be it, too.” We’re all about creating opportunities and showcasing how we’re different from or better than other colleges and universities in helping students reach their goals.

When users comes to the site, we want them to see themselves there, or a self that they aspire to be. We want them to think:

  • Hey, that’s me.
  • I can do that.
  • I want to do that.
  • I want to be that.

We also want to reach out to students who are a good match for Mason and for whom Mason is a good match. We’re not trying to attract all students. We don’t want someone to come for one semester, then leave. We want them to come and graduate. When you're putting your site together, be true to yourself and what you have to offer.